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Leadon Vale’s Bromsberrow Walk 7 April 2015.

Using the recently installed (by RA Working Party Volunteers) kissing gate to admire the wild daffodils especially around Bromsberrow Church

Bromyard’s Mayor & Mayoress giving Tom’s walk a good send off on a bright sunny morning 7 March 2015

Enjoying the bluebells at Hole in the Wall. Sunday 3 May


At 0800 hrs, on a cold and blustery morning some 500 walkers set off from Goodwood Racecourse in Sussex They were planning to walk one of the 10km. 20km. 40km. or 60km. courses to raise money in support of various charities.  Why would they want to do this? Many would doubt their sanity. Me included and I was one of those walkers doing the 60km route. I would not be returning to the grandstand at Goodwood Racecourse for another 13 or more hours.

 I am David Hawkins aged 79 who has done this walk for the last 6 years supporting various charities. The reason that I and the other 500 walkers are subjecting ourselves to these demanding walks is that we are anxious to raise money for many different charities. In my case, the  Motor Neurone Disease Association in memory of my mother who died of this dreadful disease.

As the walk proceeded the weather improved and waterproof clothing discarded.  Approaching Arundel a large number of walkers peeled off.  Where were they all going?  They were the 140 contingent of walkers doing the 40km course.  I felt rather lonely at this stage. There being only 75 walkers tackling the hilly 60km course. We were very widely spaced out.  After leaving Arundel,   I walked for about an hour without seeing any of the other  walkers.  When I got to the next checkpoint I said to them   ‘Am I the only person doing this bloody walk’? However, in time, I joined up with other walkers and was lonely no more! I always aimed to complete the walk by 9 o’clock just before dark but this year it was 9.30, and after dark.  However, it was well worth taking part with the fantastic reception all walkers received when finishing. Although it was not a race, I was the 25th finisher of the 75 walkers tackling this very demanding 60km. course.  Not bad for an oldie!

May I thank everyone who supported me. It was very generous of you. With your help I am nearly up to my £750 target and would hope to exceed it.  It would be wonderful to reach £1000 for such a worthwhile cause. The Motor Neurone Disease Association is not one of the larger charities and does not attract the degree of support received by them.

My ’Just Giving’ page is